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Jan. 11th, 2012 01:02 am
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The Museum City Watch Hospital
Café Alpha Differo Report Soup Kitchen
Barn City Watch Soup Kitchen
Memorial Yard    

If you have a post that should be linked here leave a comment and we'll add it! You may also request a network tag for your organization here.
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Although Flora's death did satisfy Gin's curiousity, it also inspired him to kill more, now safe in the knowledge that death is not permanent here. He was also disappointed by no one coming after him. Honestly, you make this too boring. And did the great detective (that wasn't shrunk) disappear?

What a pity... and an insult.

For your foolishness and carelessness, Fortuna, you shall be punished.

In short— who wants their character gruesomely murdered? ♥ For the squeamish, you certainly don't have to play out the killing! We can handwave it all.

Gin rather liked the idea of using Flora's communicator to send a message the last time, so he might do that too after he kills yours.

Any offers~? The more, the merrier!
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SO. Gin wants to find out if people really do come back to life here after they're killed (thank you, America and Tatsumi for unintentionally inspiring Gin to murder people).

Also, Hakuba has Sherry-like hair and Gin is therefore compelled to torment him is a nosy little flatfoot who deserves to feel welcome here in this fine city of ours~

So, what does that have to do with all of you, you might be wondering?

Well, it's simple! In order to test this theory, find out the truth there is always only one truth!, and have a couple of laughs at Hakuba's expense, Gin would like to kidnap and kill someone.

While challenging Hakuba to find out who killed the victim and provide irrefutable evidence that it was his doing.

So, any takers? Who wants to offer up their character as the ill-fated victim?

Didn't see anything in the rules or FAQs about having to gain modly permission to kill somebody off, so I'm going to have to guess that it's something agreed upon by players. So! If I'm not mistaken, let's get the ball rolling~!
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The Discedo Soup Kitchen
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I hate german keyboarrrdddsss )
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Run out of the house tucked into a corner of Dissimulo, we have the Soup Kitchen, as run by Norway.

This post is not very pretty at all, I'm sorry, and I don't have any maps or anything.

Post here if you work in the kitchen with Norge. Or just post here if you have something to contribute at all. I'll try to keep the list updated with stuff.

Norway | [personal profile] mysterycross 
Ran | [personal profile] waytoopatient 
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Location: Next Door to the Northern Lights
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset (Unless Otherwise noted)

Menu, Staff, Customers )
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After being enabled holy pupcats, ti has been brought upon me to make an attempt to create the first EVER rival news broadcast to [livejournal.com profile] spectavi's awesome.

LMFAO Meaning idk clive would be the sort to do something like this, and I would need two other people willing to help, BUT MORE IS COOL. it'll be semi legit... and... anti-productive. and YES WE WILL TROLL. I dont even care.

So. ideas anyone?

Oh right anyone who volunteers is obviously going to need to do a little ooc shit too... like talk to me about this IDK dont worry im harmless.....

--Lady England (for the weather aw yea)
--Hong Kong
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So okay, some of you on plurk probably saw me ask about this but... hell, I'm curious now so may as well gather the game-wide answer to this.

How old are your characters?

It seems to me that lots of anime characters/characters apped into the game are generally in their late teens or early 20s, AT LEAST THAT IS MY EDUCATED GUESS. But I want to know for sure, so lay it on me.

For Hetalia characters, feel free to list their actual age? But mostly I'm looking for how old they appear, I guess. Same for someone like say, Marco, who we don't ACTUALLY know how old he is. Feel free to make a guess, or use your headcanon for how old they actually are or how old they look.

This is mostly for, say, if Dean were to flirt with someone for example. I mean he's 30 so I don't want him to be too much of a creeper, he would know who was too young for him just by looking (IN MOST CASES). I ran into this problem sometimes with Ace cause I can't always tell with icons. SO HOPEFULLY THIS WILL BE USEFUL SOMEHOW???

But really, is Discedo filled with kids and teens?  Do we need more adults? Or are there more out there than we think? I'm curious.
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After talking it over with the mods and getting their approval, here's what I plan to do with China. Now, he's been unactive for a reason other than because this mun had two projects due last week... Everyone's noticed how he's been acting differently and how he's keeping his hair short. Well, he's been feeling very lost and guilty these past weeks, so he's kept himself isolated in his apartment (or around the area) in hopes that it would prevent him from hurting people (verbally or physically). Talking to few people.

What's going to happen is that he's going to run away from Discedo to Lachesistein, which is the forest with the walled city that one group visited before the doppleganger event. China will pack up what little things he has, grab the horse Arló, leave something for Stocking, and return to his apartment to give a broadcast before he takes off. Soon after, he'll ride away and it will take him at least four days on horseback (without monster problems) for him to reach the destination. He will not have his communicator with him because he will leave it at his apartment, which means he will be unable to respond to any new entries until he's brought back and that's where everyone else comes in. But just so everyone knows... there is nothing left of the walled city, only a huge crater in its place (but China doesn't know that). Second, he's running away there in the first place because he can't keep his feelings bottled up anymore, plus he thinks that maybe there's something there that can help him with his problems.

Going back to how everyone falls into place... Characters can try to confront China as he's running away, but be warned that he's really determined to get away so he won't hold back. Then they can also go in pursuit of him over the next couple of days while others may stay behind to look around Discedo, Spero, and Dissimulo. I think it'd be better if I did this in a log, personally, unless more people think it better if I put it on my character journal.

So... that's pretty much it. I don't think I'll have China die during this event, half-dead maybe, but I'm not sure yet. Point is, when characters find him, he'll be very reluctant to go back to Discedo and his mood won't be good.

P.S. I will have this up either late tonight, or tomorrow.
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Gah... I meant to put this up last week before work and the holidays exploded all over me. @.@ Ne case, Washu is getting her chip out [Starting today x.x] and there are a few  things the populace of the city of Discedo need to be aware of.

For her 'event', for the most part the hospital and a block or so around it will be the only affected area since she plans on locking herself up onto one of the unused floors on the top.

Day 1: Monday [Today]: She'll just be sick. There may be power surges through out the hospital that may flicker lights or knock out power for a few minutes. Continues through Thursday

Day 2[Tuesday]: Quiet. The power surges may become a little more frequent.

Day 3[Wednesday]: Power surges get worse. May knock out the entire block surrounding the Hospital. May also accidentally blow out windows she is near with accidental energy blasts.

Day 4[Thursday]: The power surges stop. Everything's quiet.

Day 5:[Friday] Life size plushie versions of Washu start appearing around the hospital.They disappear at the end of the day.

Day 6&7[Saturday and Sunday]: Doors don't go where they are supposed to. Doorways in the hospital don't go to the rooms they are supposed to go. Some may lead outside, some may lead to the basement or a different room entirely like a broom closet instead of a patients room or even the morgue. For the most part this will be contained to places inside the hospital and a block around it.

Sorry for such short notice! @.@ So what does this mean for everyone else? Have fun while Washu suffers! Also if anyone has and want for visiting Washu, please let me know and we can plot something! I'm easiest to reach on AIM- PacifistQueen or on Plurk at ZoanTanis

~ Zoan.
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Aster again requesting submissions for this upcoming event. Here's what I need from you guys if you want your characters to be apart of it.

This will be a manga-esque Fanart meaning separate events will be drawn in different panels. Based on what happens and what I get is how I will tie things together.
But wait, what if you want your revelation to be secret until it happen?
Simple, you can send me a PM regarding what is going to happen to your characters.

This is optional and just for fun, if you don't want your character drawn simply don't request anything.

Since this will be like a manga I'm cutting off request deadlines on the 25th. That's this Friday.

Thanks or you for your participation!

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So about that chip event this weekend involving Squall, and how Kresnik is going to be his savior? Well I have a somewhat-but-not-really accurate picture convey that!

Picture Within )

It's nothing special and hideous and the coloring is complete shit and I'm blaming Kresnik for that. Either way you're free to gaze upon it for as long as you wish. Save it even. Show it to your friends.

Some how incorporate in-game so people can make fun of them. I don't care.
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The title says it all. China and Stocking are having a date at the cafe in Discedo. We talked it over and have come up with two options: either we do a joint post so everyone on Fortuna can comment, or we'll do a log so that all those in Discedo can bother mingle with China and Stocking, or team up to make things as awkward as possible. I also wanted to put this notice on playmyace because I was hoping to get in contact with those who have characters that work in the cafe.

So, both Bulleta and I are fine with either choices. If more people prefer a joint post that's no problem. If there are enough people interested in a log, then we'll do that! And we'd love to hear anyone's plans on how their characters will react or what they'll do.

P.S. There isn't a set time for their date yet, so it will be up when it's ready;;;; Though I would imagine it would take place sometime after Halloween.

The Museum

Oct. 13th, 2011 05:27 pm
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If anybody wants to make suggestions to this post, seeing as it will be a miniature, ICly referable history of Discedo, please comment! If you wish for it to be private, please PM Greece's account. Project ideas are highly welcomed!

weird things happened to the old lj cut )
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To ease up all this crazy zombie plot stuff, I thought of something that some of us can do which is a bit lighthearted and possibly get some new CR. For those on plurk, you already know what's going on but this will keep things organized.

Before the 27th, Sora will throw a sleepover in Dissimulo for all the girls in the three-city area. That's right everyone: SLUMBER PARTY.

But every party needs supplies and that's when you guys come in: bring your blankets and pillows, games, communicators, food, nail polish, and PJs because this will become a fluff fest. ALL GIRLS ARE WELCOME TO COME. And really cleverly disguised boys. >.>

Sora will make an IC post about the party whenever we can decide on a day and I will make a log for the party.

So all you girls(and guys-disguised-as-girls), let's have have goofy times with pillow fights and makeup!

EDIT: Date of party will be around 22nd-25th. Aiming for 23rd.

~Boys are free to crash the party and try to cause funny chaos. Expect retaliation and an angry ninja turtle to kick you out as well.

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OH GOSH and here I almost forgot about this.

Time for a really bare-bones walk through French history! And by "walk" I mean "skipping across three time periods that stretch across about 1,900 years."

It's not a ridiculous event in the sense that we're not going to have dimensions ripping apart the fabric of time and space, but bodice-ripping historical and ... semi-educational shenanigans.

Open to anyone, obviously not just the Hetalia cast! It won't last long and will be primarily a lot of "what the fuck is going on with [France]" and the like. A rough outline of the event's... um, stuff, is under the cut.

I really shouldn't be writing this at 5:47am. )

He's living in Latimir 103 and Rosemary (fem!England) will be looking after him, but you can already guess how well most of this is going to go. History doesn't have to be your thing to plot with me! I'll worry about the research--and this is Hetalia and also me, so there will be a few small liberties taken and it won't be perfect--this is just for fun, and also because French history is pretty awesome.

Feel free to plot with me/with anyone else in this post! /o/~

AIM is MayorOfCantown if you've got any questions or wanna plot there.
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For those of you on plurk, you might have seen that we've been playing http://www.nutsybolts.com/ -- that lately.

For those who missed it; it's basically a game where you are given 7 cards with a word on it. Each round you pick a card that fits the given topic for the round and the judge picks from the cards chosen. No worries, it's totally easy.

However it's really hard on certain characters (say 95% from Discedo) who have to use the wikipedia links (part of the game) for nearly all the topics. So we put together a master list for a more Discedo-y deck. I KNOW I'm missing things, and they have been nouns (person, place, or thing) so here we can add to it and you can guys can C&P it if you want your own games. Warning: the full deck contains some canon specific things, many Discedo specific things, and things left over that from most worlds, and some that are Earth/Hetalia only. Thus it's about 680 long right now. These are only FAKE in alphabetical order. I removed a bunch of pop culture things, and just added stuff haphazardly, most of the Discedo stuff is towards the end, but definitely not all of it. Also any character name you want added (either here now, here before, or just talked about all the fucking time) I will do~ Just add a comment

Seriously, it's long )
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